"Whether it’s bringing new jobs to Missoula County, bringing people together to be a voice for the voiceless or finding common sense solutions to protect our open spaces in Missoula County, I’m honored to serve you and respectfully ask for your support.”

— Jean Curtiss, Missoula County Commissioner


With common sense leadership and a proven track record of bringing people together to get things done for Missoula County, Jean Curtiss is recognized as one of the region’s most effective advocates for economic development, stewardship and conservation, rural advocacy, public health and human services.

Growing up on the family farm in the Swan Valley, the values of working hard and working together were instilled in Jean at a young age. She grew up in a family of strong, involved women and has spent her career paying it forward, encouraging other women to get involved in leadership roles in their communities. Whether fighting for quality and affordable childcare, bringing new jobs to the county or providing services to help seniors in need – Jean’s common sense leadership is an asset to Missoula County.

Jean Curtiss

County Commissioner




By working hard and working together, there’s so much we can accomplish to keep Missoula County one of the best places on earth to raise a family, run a business or recreate in our open spaces. I would appreciate your vote in the primary election on Tuesday June 5. 



Vision for Missoula County


  • To attract sustainable businesses to Missoula County that can provide family wage jobs and contribute to a diversifying tax base for the county.
  • To work with community stakeholders toward achieving attainable housing for all.
  • To ensure our working family farms and ranches in Missoula County’s rural areas can continue to compete as agriculture becomes increasingly dominated by large corporate farms.
  • To work together toward common sense conservation to bolster our outdoor heritage and recreation economy.
  • To fight for Missoula county’s most vulnerable including newborns, foster children and our neighbors facing mental health crises.


Top Ten Ways Jean Curtiss is Working for You

By bringing people together and working toward common sense solutions with the help of many others, Jean has:



Brought new businesses with good-paying jobs to the county as a founding member of the Missoula Economic Partnership and inaugural president of the BitterRoot Economic Development District.


Fought for our outdoor heritage by championing the 2006 Open Space Bond to protect 30,000 acres of open spaces for our kids and grandkids.



Developed and worked side-by-side with Missoula Mayor John Engen and community partners to help implement Missoula’s 10-year Plan to End Homelessness.


Stood up for the youngest Missoula County residents by helping launch Nurse-Family Partnership to support first-time moms and their babies through age two.



Made sure foster kids don’t fall through the cracks by creating the Foster Child Program to keep medical care plans in place even as foster children move.


Brought new manufacturing and timber jobs to the old Bonner Mill Site where more than 400 people now work.



Worked side-by-side with Governor Bullock to ensure public access to the new Milltown Community Park.


Opened the Missoula to Lolo Trail so thousands of county residents and tourists can enjoy walking and biking the new route every month.



Opened streams to spawning trout through the cleanup of toxic mine tailings in the 9-Mile watershed.


Saved taxpayer dollars by helping individuals facing a mental health crisis get treatment and support to end the cycle of incarceration.




Important Dates


May 7, 2018

Regular Voter Registration Closes.


May 8, 2018

Late Registration at Missoula County Election Offices Begins


June 4, 2018

Deadline for applying for an absentee ballot


June 5, 2018

Primary Election



Volunteer / Yard Signs

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